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Frequently Asked Questions


How often does my elevator need to be inspected?

The State of Wisconsin requires annual inspections, after which a 1-year permit to operate for code-compliant units is issued. If a serious safety violation is found during an inspection, a billable re-inspection might be required to verify that the violation has been corrected. In the case of a minor violation, sending written notice of correction may suffice. Some elevator owners choose to have an additional inspection done for insurance or managerial purposes (not required by the State of Wisconsin).


Who will do my elevator's inspection?

Elevator owners have the right to choose who inspects their elevators. If you don't exercise your right to hire a private inspection company such as us, then by default a State of Wisconsin  inspector or State-subcontracted inspector is sent to perform your inspections - at their rates. As of December 1, 2008 State inspector fees range from $160 - $320. You are not required to utilize State or State-subcontracted inspectors. Switching to Wisconsin Elevator Inspection, Inc. (WEI) is as easy as signing our simple inspection agreement. We'll take care of the rest, and the State will assign your inspections to WEI. Whoever you choose, be sure that the inspector is QEI certified and qualified to perform the inspection. Ask for a Certificate of Insurance. WEI inspectors are QEI certified, fully qualified, and fully insured.


What is QEI?

QEI stands for Qualified Elevator Inspector. Our inspectors are QEI certified through the National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities International under the authority of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.


Why doesnít my maintenance company perform my annual inspection?

It is considered a conflict of interest. WEI does not perform maintenance or service tasks and the elevator maintenance companies do not perform annual inspections.


How much does an elevator inspection cost?

Fees have long been a sore and confusing topic for customers.  Some companies base fees upon what county you live in, how many landings or what type of drive unit you might have.

  • The State's new annual inspection fees as of 12-1-08 are:          

                   $160 (dumbwaiters, lifts, stair chairs)

                   $240 (hydraulic elevators)

                   $320 (traction elevators, escalators)


  • WEI maintains an inspection fee of well under $100. Life should be so simple.

What if Iím cited for an elevator violation?

Impartial in their work, WEI inspectors work hard for you Ė they are your friends. If they find a violation, it is to your benefit so that you may correct the problem for the safety of all who use your elevator. If a serious safety violation is found, a billable re-inspection may be necessary to verify that the problem has been corrected before a new permit to operate is issued. For minor violations, a letter stating that the problem has been corrected may suffice.


Who do I call for repairs?

Call your elevatorís service company if you have one. That information may be located on a placard in your elevator or service room. For your benefit, we have provided names and phone numbers of service companies listed with the State of Wisconsin on our Resources page. WEI does not do repairs. That would be a conflict of interest.


 My permit is expired, what should I do?

Give WEI a call at (262) 567-4400. We will make you a priority.


My last inspection agency was late by several months, how will WEI be?

You deserve to have your inspection done before your Permit to Operate expires! Late inspections and expired permits can lead to potential safety hazards and liability issues. WEI inspector territories are carefully planned. Our inspectors are allotted a reasonable number of elevators so that they can perform well and stay on schedule. This is an important aspect of WEI's business ethic. We take care of our customers as well as our staff, and that in turn creates loyalty and great relationships on every front. Our customers matter; they are not just numbers, and our inspectors matter; they are not just producers.



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